Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One: The Wisdom of Our Storytelling Brains

    • About the Pre-Workshop Self-Assessment

    • Pre-Workshop Self-Assessment

    • Unbroken Introduction

    • Introduction to Unbroken Module Structure

    • Welcome to Your Unbroken Journal

    • Write a Permission Slip

    • Tools—Introduction

    • Tools—Journaling (Exploratory Writing)

    • Tools—Conscious Breathing

    • Tools—Softening

    • Tools—Stay Curious

    • Guided Reflection—Introduction

    • Guided Reflection—Become the Compassionate Curious Observer of Yourself

    • The Benefits of Practicing Self-Compassion

    • Lesson One: Our Brains are Wired to Tell Stories

    • Lesson Two: Stories Can Change—They’re Meant to Change

    • Lesson Three: Assumptions We Make that Lock in Our Stories

    • Writing Practice: Tell Your New Story of Healing

    • Module One Survey

  • 2

    Module Two: The Influence of Our Storytelling Culture

    • Welcome to Module Two

    • Write a Permission Slip

    • Tools: Affirmations

    • Guided Reflection—Tap into Your Heart’s Wisdom

    • Lesson One: Our Challenge is to Keep Our Stories Flowing

    • Lesson Two: How to Recognize Cultural Narratives that Hold You or Others Back

    • Lesson Three: A Dominant Cultural Narrative About Healing that Keeps Us Stuck

    • Writing Practice: Explore Your Internal Narrative of Personal Healing Potential

    • Module Two Survey

  • 3

    Module Three: The Power of Self-Guided Change

    • Welcome to Module Three

    • Write a Permission Slip

    • Tools—The Lens of Love and Life School POV

    • Tools—The Lens of Love

    • Tools—The Life School Point of View (POV)

    • Guided Reflection—Expedition to Your Strong Center

    • Lesson One: New Science, New Story—So Why are We Still Stuck?

    • Lesson Two: Self-Agency Ain’t Easy

    • Writing Practice

    • Module Three Survey

  • 4

    Module Four: The Exhilaration of Story Mining

    • Welcome to Module Four

    • Write a Permission Slip

    • Tools—Gratitude

    • Guided Reflection—How to Reckon with Anger, Fear, and Despair

    • Lesson One: How to Identify When a Story Stands in Your Way

    • Lesson Two: The Diagnosis is a Story

    • Writing Practice: Story Mining Introduction

    • Story Mining Part One

    • Story Mining Part Two

    • Module Four Survey

  • 5

    Module Five: The Love of Your Healing Story

    • Welcome to Module Five

    • Write a Permission Slip

    • Tools—Bless Yourself

    • Guided Reflection—Stand Proudly

    • Lesson One: Failure is a Story

    • Lesson Two: Deconstruct the Story of Failure

    • Writing Practice: Failure Mining

    • Goodbye to My Unbroken Tribe

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